The Center For Modeling Optimal Outcomes®
                      "Skating To Where The Puck Will Be" 

Genesis of The Center For Modeling Optimal Outcomes® LLC


The Center For Modeling Optimal Outcomes® LLC (The Center) was founded in January 2003 as a think tank with the objective being to function as an inter-disciplinary catalyst for innovation.  The Center's founder, William McFaul, elected to use a complexity science based model similar to those used by groups like the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico to function as the platform for the group's activities.


Rather than delivering services, solutions or products directly and in keeping in the true spirit of an innovative think tank, the choice was made to conceive and design models supported by intellectual property which could address universal needs in the marketplace.  These models would then be adopted and customized by third parties to excel within their specific domains of expertise.


It should be noted that, while we provide meaningful information, most of the models are transformational in nature. Accordingly, it is impossible to provide in-depth explanations for the many applications of these models on the web site. We encourage you to contact us to obtain specific in-depth information as it may pertain to your particular topic or area of interest.


Due to its universal applicability, The Center selected the creation of a model to overcome inertia for change as its first challenge. From the onset, it was apparent that cognitive processes were the causal factors for resisting change; a fact that necessitated considerable research into the dynamics of neurobiology and brain chemicals (neurohormones).


After two years of intense effort, The Center's initial model enabled them to formulate a novel process for personnel selection based on cognitive categorization; i.e. How People Think®.  A subsequent model incorporated the coordination of characteristics, skills and knowledge sets of individuals and team members in order to optimize cohesion and integrative thinking in organizational configurations. 


As The Center's application of neuroscience in business expanded, they developed a third model for team training and education that dramatically expanded integrative thinking through the business application of neuroplasticity. Patents are pending for these three models.


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