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Human Capital: The Next Big Thing


Thought processes relative to decision making and the execution of strategies as impacted by neurobiology are basically unknown in the business community. On the other hand, from the aspect of cognitive remediation, the community of neuroscientists is well versed in the principles of neuroplasticity (plasticity) and the ability of thought patterns to create new neural architecture. Combining these two facts into services know as Neuroscience in Business® was a challenge that became part of the expansive seven year research project conducted by the business group of The Center for Modeling Optimal Outcomes® LLC.


While terminology in neuroscience (e.g. neurotrophic factors, neurosteroids, neurohormones, neuroplasticity, and the dynamics of amino acid neurotransmitters) are foreign to most members of the business world, The Center has prepared easy-to-follow explanations for how Neuroscience in Business® solutions addresses countless business challenges.


Complex issues such as overcoming cognitive inertia in order to create breakthrough innovations, creating a culture of change acceptability, identifying leaders through cognitive assessments as opposed to personality profiling, facilitating inter-disciplinary communication between diverse disciplines, etc. have been formatted into explicit, replicable processes which are included in The Center's Neuroscience in Business® portfolio of services.  An overview of these concepts is provided in the document featured at the top of this page; Human Capital: The Next Big Thing.


Based on The Center's study of these clinical applications and the use of the Model for Homeostasis created by The Center's Life Sciences group, the correlation of these concepts enabled The Center's business group to develop an array of services that bring processes for team dynamics, overcoming inertia for change, developing pipelines for leadership and numerous other essential business applications into a new dimension of effectiveness. These services include Neurohormone Reconfiguration® a service that impacts decision making traits through the application of neuroplasticity.   Neurohormone Reconfiguration® is applied through a training and education regimen which is available as part of the suite of services included in the Neuroscience in Business® portfolio.


As a pure think tank, The Center is not a traditional operating company. Instead, through the use of intellectual property, The Center helps partners by facilitating the shaping of services discussed above to fit the needs of any business.


The following documents are included to provide further insight into some of capabilities of The Center and to provide an overview of the services and applications available.

As part of its modeling to overcome change inertia, the Center's team had to convert the tacit knowledge of the existence of organizational silos into an explicit format. The link below provides an explanation of the dynamics of silos.


1 Silo Dynamics



For additional information regarding the comprehensive portfolio of business services developed by The Center including Neuroscience in Business® and Neurohormone Reconfiguration® contact Melanie Boe at