The Center For Modeling Optimal Outcomes®
                      "Skating To Where The Puck Will Be" 

What does a think tank really do?

In response to this question relative to our activities, the following has been prepared.

The innovative modeling tools at The Center have enabled us to convert tacit knowledge into an explicit format to explain the factors involved with any of the following using easy-to-understand terminology in less than 1 minute:

  • The ability of a flock of geese and a school of fish to function cohesively
  • The causes of ADHD
  • How stress can result in depression
  • How chaos theory can be applied to business planning

Other explicit models for complex problems such as how homeostasis works in the body to maintain health and the dynamics that create the formation of operating silos in business and hospitals are examples of other models created by The Center. 

The tabs provided explain the results of our modeling for innovative solutions to business problems as well as the need for the healthcare industry to reduce non-labor expenditures. A separate tab is also included to explain the need for hospitals and health systems to employ innovative solutions to offset unsustainable increases in operating expenses.